Career Academy Online

Welcome to Career Academy’s Online School

Our schools are at the forefront of leading an educational-technology initiative. We pride ourselves on providing each student a personalized, robust education and are offering both an in-person and virtual model for families to choose.

What Makes Us Different

Unlike statewide virtual school and other local virtual options, students have access to local teachers that are here to support students in their learning.

CASB’s Online program does not rely on a large scale “one-size fits all” curriculum. Our curriculum is designed by our local, certified and highly qualified faculty.

Career Academy Online students are able to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, our world class robotics team, band and orcherstra, welding and many other opportunities to engage your student.

Our Career Academy Online Model:

The blended-learning model combines adaptive software programs with Indiana Licensed Career Academy teachers using teacher-led, high-yield instructional practices. Our students in-person and online will be using adaptive software programs for a small portion of the day, that adjusts to their “just-right” reading and math level. Teachers will then use the data from these programs to inform and personalize instruction to ensure students are thriving and that every students’ individual needs are being met.

All students will have a common LMS (Learning Management System) where all assignments, links, videos, and important information will be housed. Virtual students will have the opportunity to meet daily with their local teacher, in person or online, for small-group instruction and/or personalized one-on-one support.

To help ensure ease and the logistics of virtual learning, the program will be led by a Virtual-Learning Coordinator and other support staff from Career Academy.