Career Academy Online Framework

Our Framework

Career Academy is dedicated to providing its virtual students a whole-student learning experience with a state-aligned, data driven curriculum offered via online platforms available for the students 24/7. Our highly-qualified staff have created and will implement interactive and engaging virtual learning experiences for all students.

Students will be provided

  • Students will be scheduled for up to 8 classes including a mix of core, elective, dual enrollment, early college, and CTE.
  • Students will have the opportunity to attend a virtual classroom that is available for 7 hours each day.  The virtual classroom is monitored by a Career Academy – Online teacher who is there to ask questions, help monitor progress, and provide a structured learning environment for students wishing to participate from home.   The classroom also allows for one-on-one instruction, small group and cooperative learning, as well as social/emotional activities.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to attend class daily for in person support in a structured school environment. In person attendance is not required as long as the student is on progress, allowing students to attend at their convenience.
  • Students will be assigned a mentor teacher that will stay with them through the duration of their learning experience.  The mentor is there at the beginning to help aid with not only curriculum, but also time management, goal setting, and general support.  As the student progresses, the mentor will also be there to help the student transition into college by facilitating support with post-secondary ambitions.


Special Education

Special education services will continue to be provided to students in the virtual setting.  Services will be determined through a case conference committee in order to best meet the student’s needs during this time.


Educational success requires students to maintain regular attendance. In participating online, attendance is not considered by days attended, but by daily progress made and weekly two-way communications. It is therefore extremely important that students make adequate progress each day in their coursework, and dedicate 5-6 hours each day to their studies as well as communicate regularly with their instructors. Courses are monitored by percentage completed or lessons completed. Students will be required to have weekly communication and a weekly increase in progress for courses meeting a minimum individualized percentage.

Career Academy Online Student Expectations

  • Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be Safe.
  • Students will login to the Learning Management System, Odysseyware/Plato each day and complete daily lesson assignments.
  • Students will meet with their mentor teacher no less than 2 times a week.
  • Attendance will be taken in PowerSchool at the beginning of each week for the week prior
  • Students will be required to take notes on each lesson they submit which will include the objective for the lesson. It is important for the student to know the desired outcome of the lesson.
  • Teachers will provide support for students and help them navigate due dates and progress.
  • Teachers will utilize a variety of online instructional strategies including Zoom direct instruction, small differentiated groups, conferencing, etc.
  • Students should communicate with teachers regarding their learning. Ask questions.


What is different

1. Students will not be bound to a traditional school day schedule.

While the virtual classroom is available during school hours, students will have access to their learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can work at their own pace. An accelerated pace will allow for students to get ahead. Students who require additional time for mastery will be able to stay focused on the objective until they have reached understanding. There is no bell requiring them to move on to the next course until they have completed what they are working on; however, progress is still required.

2. Curriculum content is all located in one of two platforms being used for content delivery.

Students will easily navigate through course material and complete lessons all within the platform. Grades are also easily monitored and students will receive grades on many of the assignments immediately after submission as they are autograded. Other assignments requiring manual grading will be returned within 72 hours of submission.

3. Students will have flexibility in their schedule.

This may help with jobs and other family commitments. While it is expected for students to spend 5-6 hours daily on their studies, they are not confined to the traditional school schedule. School is available to the student when they are most ready to learn. (It is encouraged that while there is flexibility in the schedule, that each student create a schedule that works for them that facilities the necessary time for their studies)