Does my student have to have a virtual advisor?

Yes! Each student enrolled in Career Academy – Online will be assigned a virtual advisory teacher, who is different from their traditional advisory teacher. Students will be required to have contact with their virtual advisory teacher a minimum of two times per week. This teacher will help monitor progress and be a point of contact to help assist the student and the family.

How is attendance taken for Career Academy – Online?

Attendance is taken through a combination of three factors, student’s daily log in time on Odysseyware/Plato, student’s daily progress through lesson completion, and student’s 2 weekly contacts with their virtual advisory teacher.

When will the content be available to my student?

Content is available for the students to work on 24/7. Students will have access to their online curriculum where ever they have internet, at whatever time they choose to work. Faculty availability however does follow a traditional school schedule. Students can expect a response within 24 hours or less during the school week.

If my student is struggling, what support do they have?

Each student will have not only a content teacher to help provide 1-on-1 help, but also a virtual advisor to help them with progress and be a general point of contact for families.

Does my student have to have their camera on during the virtual classroom?

Yes, it is required that while the student be in attendance in the virtual classroom that their cameras be on.

Is attendance mandatory in the virtual classroom?

No! Attendance is not mandatory in the virtual classroom unless the student has not maintained adequate progress in their online courses. The student and family will be notified if this occurs by the students virtual advisory teacher.

Does my student have to follow traditional school hours?

No, students are free to set a schedule that works for them. However, the virtual classroom is only available during traditional school hours.

Will my student be able to participate in athletics and other extra curricular activities?

Yes! Students enrolled in Career Academy – Online will still be able to participate in all athletics and extra- curricular activities!

Will my student by able to continue with Dual Enrollment/CTE/and other electives?

Yes! Students will have access to dual enrollment and CTE courses taught at Career Academy. In person attendance may be required to participate in these courses.

My student has an IEP or is in applied courses, how will they be accommodated?

Students who have IEP’s will continue to be provided accommodations and services as stated in their IEP.

Will My Student Have Access To Local Teachers?

Yes! Students will have teachers available to help in both a virtual classroom, as well as in person in a classroom housed at Career Academy.