Curricular Resources

Teachers will utilize Indiana Academic Standards to guide their lesson planning and instructional strategies will be chosen to appropriately teach the standards. Assessment of student mastery will inform remediation and enrichment opportunities. Programs like MindPlay, MathXL, Nearpod, Newsela and online texts will be used as resources for teachers and students.

Instructional Focus

  • Focus on essential skills, strategies, and concepts.
  • Differentiated instruction based on assessment results, adapted to meet students’ needs.
  • Explicit and systematic instruction with lots of practice—with and without teacher support and feedback, including cumulative practice over time.
  • Opportunities to apply skills and strategies in reading and writing meaningful text with teacher support.
  • Monitoring student progress regularly to facilitate understanding—rather than coverage—of content.
  • Target Priority concepts & skills found in standards.
  • Use formative assessments effectively.
  • Provide practice and application.
  • Ensure students are actively engaged.
  • Balance support with productive struggle.
  • Reading and writing daily.
  • Small group instruction focusing on differentiation.

Dual Credit Courses

CASB-Online Trailblazers will have the opportunity to earn dual credit through our partnership with Ivy Tech and local universities.

Early College courses will be available for students. Teachers will use strategies to meet each student where they are at in the learning process.

Support Team

All CASB-Online Trailblazers will have an outstanding support team to help them navigate their online world. Based on a student’s needs and Individual learning plan, they may have support from a Special Education teacher, Speech Pathologist, High Ability Teacher, English Language Learner Specialist or a Literacy Interventionist. Any support that a student would receive during in-person instruction will still be available to them during online instruction.